Skip Hop Grab&Go Stroller Organizer


I have a confession to make – I have four strollers (and two kids). I’m not really sure how it happened, but it did. I make myself feel better by saying we actually use them all, and we do. But lately, I’ve gotten tired of moving all the “necessities” from stroller to stroller so that we’re well prepared for our outings. So, I was really excited to try the new Grab&Go Stroller Organizer from Skip Hop.

We have plenty of other Skip Hop products, all exceptionally well-made and beautifully designed. This stroller organizer is no exception. It is made from a cool, modern neoprene material that, aside from looking good, is designed to insulate cold/hot beverages. The other nice thing about the neoprene is it is slightly stretchy so if you need a teeny extra bit of space on certain days, it’s available to you.

The organizer very easily straps on to any stroller with long pieces of Velcro that slide through loops on either side. I installed it on to our Phil&Teds stroller within seconds. One thing to note on the fit – if you are using it on a tandem double, it is pretty long (up and down) compared to other stroller organizers (like the Bob or Sunshine Kids) so it might impede the head space of the child in the double seat. If you’re using a single stroller, it won’t matter and you’ll probably appreciate the extra depth for more stability of the items in the organizer.

My favorite feature is the zip-off pocket on the front. First, if you need to stash your keys, money, or phone in the organizer, you can securely zip them in out of sight of prying kids or strangers. Second, if you need to go in to a restaurant or store that won’t accommodate a stroller, you don’t have to awkwardly remove said items balancing too many kids and things with too few hands. (I realized I’ve been doing this too much when I watched my daughter pretend to leave the house with her toy keys stuck in the waistband of her pants last week).

In sum, you can’t go wrong with this stroller organizer. It’s a small step up in price from some others out there, but Skip Hop more than makes up for that in upgraded features and quality.

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