OXO Potty-Training Seat and Chair


Imagine how happy I am that my 22-month-old has initiated potty-training! It was like the stars aligned when I received the OXO Tot Pot and Sit Right Potty seats the same week my daughter tugged at her diaper in front of the toilet signaling to me she wanted to “try and go.”

The OXO Tot Pot has an adult-appealing look to it. The color options vary from gray, teal, and white to hot pink. The chair’s features include a base which is lined with rubber to help the chair stay in place, a handle on the back rest of the chair for handling, a splatter shield to minimize splatter and a high back rest. The Sit Right Potty has been equaling appealing to my toddler as she can utilize the “big potty” while not risking a fall into the toilet. The Sit Right Potty has handles which help her stabilize while she’s sitting as well as a splatter shield. I also found it to be very very convenient when we were traveling. The seat has a rubber base which helps it to stand propped up when storing in the bathroom.

I appreciate anything I can to “tempt” my toddler into going potty “like a big girl.” She has used both seats equally and it has appeared to help in the potty-training saga. Both seats are easy to clean with a Clorox wipe as there are no small cracks or crevices to scrub.

Although as an adult I enjoy the simple look of the seats, I’m sure it would be more tempting if it had some cartoon character on it. I also have found that when I am dumping the pee in the toilet, the bowl’s shape and design doesn’t allow for a “clean pour”—the pee usually puddles on the edge and inevitably drips off of it.

Both chairs seem to be comparable in cost to other seats (I have used a Sesame Street Elmo Adventure Seat which goes for $24.99 at Walmart). The sleek design and color is appealing and if your toddler isn’t fussy about the looks, I would purchase this over a cartoon character design any day.

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