Review: Chipolo Plus


The Chipolo Plus is a bluetooth tracker that you can use to track down things like your keys, wallet, and even your precious little one.

Boy do I wish we had the Chipolo Plus when we lost Winston! Winston is my 2 year old’s stuffed animal dog that sleeps with him every night and goes everywhere he does. Now Winston has a Chipolo Plus sewn into his foot. Whenever we need to know where he is we just go to the app, listen for the ring and then press the chip to stop the ringing once we’ve tracked it down. Even though the chip is inside the stuffed animal, the tracker is loud enough that we always find him. We have actually followed the directions provided in the app that brought us straight to him at a neighbor’s house.

Trust me, after owning one Chipolo you will find yourself buying more. We slip them into our kid’s pockets when we go to Disney World just to have a little piece of mind. The app tells you where the chip is on the map and gives you directions straight to it by walking, driving, or even train. My husband even wants to put them on our dogs collars, just in case someone breaks in and takes the dogs! I could go on and on with where I would like to stick the Chipolo; my husband’s wallet, glue it to every tv remote, my suitcase, my child’s jacket when he goes to play. Not only does this track anything you put it in but if you lose your cell phone, you can click the chip and it rings your phone. We have used this feature quite a bit.

The Chipolo Plus is just what every mom who juggles a thousand tasks a day needs. Things will occasionally get lost in the shuffle and this tracker will save you hours of panic.

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