We love the LaLa Lounger


We use our LaLa Lounger all the time and our baby absolutely loves it.  I can’t say enough about this product and how much we appreciate and use it.

The LaLa lounger is basically a big floor cushion that you can set your baby in/on.  It’s a square shape with raised edges so it worked well before my baby could sit up because I would lay him on his back and he could rest his head on the raised edges.  Then I started using it for tummy time, I’d lay him down on the cushion with his arms over the edge on the floor with a little toy just on the other side of the lounger.  This helped support him when he was getting frustrated with tummy time.  And now that he is learning to sit up, the cushions help support him and make for a soft landing if he tips over.

I use this for short periods of time on and off throughout the day.  For example, my little one likes to keep me in sight so when I head into the kitchen to heat up his food/bottle, I let him sit on the lounger with a toy in the kitchen with me.  Or I’ll put him down in the lounger while I’m cooking or folding laundry.

The LaLa lounger also has handles, so sometimes I pull my baby around on the floor to help him get a sense of movement.  I’ve tried this before on a blanket, but it’s much safer doing this on the LaLa lounger.

Finally, these are really cute.  Our print has animals on it and it’s adorable.  There are a ton of cute prints to choose from though.  There are also options for upholstered and slip covered.  I like the firmness of the upholstered model, but the slip cover model seems quite practical as well for obvious reasons.

In all, we love the LaLa lounger and would highly recommend it.  We’ve been using it since our baby was 4 months, we still use it daily at 6 months and plan to continue using it into his toddler years.


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