ParentLab journeyBee Portable Crib


[amazon asin=B00C5921NS&text=ParentLab journeyBee Portable Crib]MSRP: $149.00

60”L x 41”W x 24”H; 10 lbs

An inventive debut product from ParentLab, journeyBee is an exceptionally lightweight, portable crib that sets up in seconds. The crib pops open when unfolded, an amazing feat that will astound you as much as the first time you pulled open a pop-up car sunshade and wondered how someone ever thought of something so clever. With large mesh sides and a tent-like construction, it’s not as sturdy as standard play yards, but it provides an ideal and safe play and napping space for children 0-18 months. A mattress slips into a pouch on the under- side of the play yard, keeping the mattress fully contained and all zippers safely away from your child’s reach. Thoughtful additions include a washable fleece sheet that velcroes to the crib floor and an exterior pouch that holds your cell phone, should you have lullabies or white noise in your music repertoire. While you may initially wonder how you will ever wrestle the journeyBee back into its compact folded shape, it’s surprisingly simple. Before you know it, you’ll have the journeyBee back in its handy carrying pouch. With such an easy, lightweight option that has the added benefit of UVA/UVB blocking materials, you’ll enjoy taking this everywhere from grandma’s house to the beach.


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