Quicksmart 3 in 1 Play Yard


[amazon asin=B005Z06FYU&text=Quicksmart 3 in 1 Play Yard]

MSRP: $249.99

44.9”L x 26.8”W x 29.1”H; 15.2 lbs (accessories add 6.6 lbs)


Quicksmart is known for rethinking how baby gear works, and they’ve done it gain with their 3 in 1 Play Yard that takes a completely different approach to how it packs up. Rather than having four collapsible sides, it folds in half down the middle, ending up in one convenient flat package that can be against a wall or under a bed, versus the more typical rectangular column that folded play yards often assume. This compact fold, combined with being one of the lightest on the market (only 15.2 pounds with accessories adding 6.6 pounds), makes it ideal for travel. As a basic play yard, it includes a bassinet that shares the play yard area with the changing station rather than stretching across the entire play yard. The benefit here is that you can leave the changing station in place without worrying that baby could possibly roll under it and become trapped. The bassinet area is smaller, but with a young infant who isn’t yet mobile, you don’t really need that much space. The changing table is on the shallow end but comes with a strap that you can use to secure baby. Another nice detail is that at 29.1 inches, the play yard sides are a few inches lower than those of other play yards, making it easier to lift your child in and out. You (and your back) will appreciate this feature when carefully lowering a sleeping child onto the floor of the play yard. With such a portable, well thought-out play yard, you’ll be tempted to take it with you wherever you go.


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