Summer Infant SecureSurround Playsafe Playard


[amazon asin=B000G1YW98&text=Summer Infant SecureSurround Playsafe Playard]

MSRP: $59.99

51.6”L x 51.6”W x 30”H (when set up as a hexagon enclosure); 22.5 lbs

The Summer Infant SecureSurround Playsafe Playard is primarily an outdoor play yard that consists of six gate panels that can be configured to create either an enclosure or a barrier. Arrange the panels in any way you wish, including adding or subtracting panels as desired. The panels connect securely with a snap-and-screw-together mechanism that ensures the pieces do not come apart even as energetic little ones bump up against them. Unscrewing or tightening the pieces can be difficult as it can be hard to get a good hold on the connecting knobs to give them a significant turn, but this gives you even more confidence that your baby or toddler will not be able to wiggle their way out even if they are mechanically inclined. Great features include a locking gate that lets you easily undo a latch and swing open a gate versus having to reach over and pull your child up and over the play yard wall, a real benefit to your back. In addition, a strap serves as a handle for easily trans- porting your gate system when it’s in its folded state, making it great for taking with you to the park, camping or just to your back yard. While this is often considered an outdoor play yard, it can also be quite handy indoors should you want to fence off an area of your house.


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