ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets


I have a scar from two c-sections and although I healed well, I’m still a bit self conscious of my scar. The directions seemed almost too easy. I cut one sheet into two strips to fit the scar area and it stayed adhered to the area well. Every day I had to take the sheet (strips) off, wash the area and wet the strips to reactivate and then reapply. I was skeptical of the wet and reapply part of the directions because I didn’t think it would stick again, but it did work and it lasted an entire week. I was really surprised how well it stayed on since clothing rubs against that area.

I took pictures before and after each week, for 4 weeks. After 1 week with the scar sheet the area was significantly lighter and since my scar was already relatively flat, I decided to try it on an old scar under my arm (birth mark / mole removal 15 years ago) which was dark in color and raised. I cut the sheet into squares and this time the edges rolled and I had to use athletic tape over the sheet to keep it from moving. I took pictures again and this time I saw more noticeable results after 4 weeks. The change in the scar made me feel good since this scar is visible when when I wear a swim suit, tank tops or sleeveless dresses. I’m going to continue to use the strips because they do work! My c-section scar is significantly lighter in color after 4 weeks and the scar from the mole removal seems softer, lighter, and not as raised, so I’m going to continue to use the sheets in that area to see what it looks like after 8 weeks. My husband and I also are planning on another child, so I will definitely use these sheets earlier after the next surgery and delivery.

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