Review: Kokopax Samantha Diaper Tote

For any occasion, I carry my Samantha Diaper Tote when we go out. The tote is just so stylish – more stylish than some of my regular bags. I like my “Flutter” pattern but the truth is that I had a hard time choosing only one out of all the gorgeous patterns.

What I like best about the Kokopax bag is that, though it’s filled with baby stuff, it doesnt’t make me feel like I am carrying a “diaper bag.” The tote is roomy enough to hold a lot of things, but maybe a tad too roomy at times. The main compartment is usually an unorganized black hole where everything just gets tossed.

The tote can hold a lot of things but I found myself wanting a better way to organize the large, main compartment, especially since it has unstructured soft sides. The side pockets and the zipper pocket do an okay job as a substitute for my regular pruse in a pinch, but I do wish the Kokopax, as much as I love it, had a few more pockets to help me stay organized.


I love the styling.  There is nothing “diaper” about it.  It’s light and soft.


I like it so much, I wish I could use it to sub for my purse, but it’s hard to organize things within it due to its soft structure and lack of inside compartments and exterior pockets.

I like the tote for its style but I sometimes feel frustrated when I have to dig in a mess to look for something urgently for my baby. I recommend this tote only when you carry only a few items.


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