Review: Withings Smart Baby Monitor


MSRP: $299.00

Night vision; works with iPhone/iPad only; WIFI/Ethernet/Bluetooth

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor is another screenless monitor that has a simple clean design. The monitor itself is almost like a white jewelry box that unfolds to reveal a simple 3MP lens. On the back, you will find just 2 plugs, for Ethernet and mini-USB for recharging the includ – ed battery. Setup is easy on the home network with the WithBaby app. Since the monitor battery can be charged separately and the monitor will work without an Ethernet connection using WIFI, you don’t have to keep the monitor three feet away like you might with another wired monitor. This monitor plays lullabies and has a night light, both of which can be controlled using the app from far away. You can even take photos with the monitor with a 4X zoom and 90 degree pan that works with just a pinch or swipe of the finger. While this is not a low-priced monitor, especially given the absence of a video screen, the Withings baby monitor has all the bells and whistles in an attractive package.

Best for smartphone users wanting lots of features in a small package.

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