Apothederm® Body Prep Scrub Review


As I started to get into my third trimester I noticed that my skin was getting dry, especially the area around my belly. I tried lathering on lotion and oil, but nothing seemed to help. As I was seeing no improvement of my dry skin, I figured I would try exfoliating. My skin type is dry and extremely sensitive, so it’s vital that I choose a body scrub strong enough to do the job, but yet gentle enough on my skin to not cause rashes. When I first read the description on Apothederm® body prep scrub it seemed like a good fit for me, “Apothederm® Body Prep Scrub nourishes and soothes while exfoliating, delivering perfectly rejuvenated and balanced skin. With jojoba beads and calendula extract, it is even gentle enough for sensitive skin types”, so I decided to put it through the test.

The product costs about $35 for 4oz, though a little goes a long way. Apothederm body prep scrub is moisturizing, with micro size jojoba beads, which are gentler and do a more thorough job at exfoliation than larger beads (this was explained by my esthetician). I also love the light fragrance of the product; it reminds me of white jasmine tea and smells very organic unlike many overly perfumed beauty products at the drug store.

I’ve been using this product about every other day, and it has definitely improved the texture of my skin. Exfoliation is great for expecting moms, especially if you are using any kind of oil for stretch mark prevention. I learned from my trusted esthetician that having clean, exfoliated skin increases the absorption of other skin care products. I highly recommend Apothederm® Body Prep Scrub.


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