Little Green Cradle Cap Care


Newborns are prone to a skin condition called cradle cap, where their scalps get incredibly dry and scaly.  Should your baby have cradle cap, you’re no doubt looking for a solution, as the condition can look uncomfortable for baby while also putting a damper on your early baby photos.  Not to worry, as Little Green has a solution! Little Green, makers of an entire line of baby-safe personal care products, has created an exfoliator of Salicylic Acid and Shea Butter that you gently rub into your child’s scalp and then rinse away during bath time.

Just like their other products, the cream is safe and gentle, making it a great choice for use with baby’s sensitive skin.  While my little boy didn’t have an extreme case of cradle cap, he did enjoy the head massage that came along with the application of the exfoliator, and it did help reduce even the little amount of cradle cap that he had.

Note that the Cradle Cap cream is meant just as a way to remedy cradle cap and is not a shampoo, so you’ll want to follow up with a shampoo to wash your baby’s hair.  Little Green’s Baby Shampoo is great for this purpose, so be sure to check out the rest of the Little Green Line as you head to

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