Stinger Mosquito Kill System Bug Killer: It works!



We recently moved to a new home near a creek, so the mosquitos at dusk are ferocious. We decided the Stinger Mosquito Kill System would be a good option for us to try and tackle the problem. And good news: It works! Here’s how:

You hang it from a tree or fence (40 inch rope included) and will need to run an extension cord to plug it in. We use it on the dusk-to-dawn mosquito mode, which has sensors that detect light, thus saving energy. It attracts mosquitos using the black UV light from afar and as mosquitos get closer they are attracted to the scent of the Nosquito Octenol lure. The lure simulates human breath and body heat. This insert needs to be changed every few weeks.

The manufacturer claims that the black UV light kills 40 percent more mosquitos than white light. While I haven’t compared it myself, I will say this lamp has been highly effective. We see and hear the zapper going off during evening hours and it is gratifying to say the least when you know those little pests are getting annihilated. Particularly with the recent outbreak and concern over the Zika virus we were eager to install this and are very happy we did.

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