Bugaboo Bee3 Bassinet and Stroller


Bugaboo, long considered a top choice in strollers, introduces the Bee3 as the third generation of their compact, lightweight urban stroller that makes taking to the streets fun and easy. True to their reputation, this Bugaboo is high quality, customizable and a pleasure to use from birth through age 3.

One of the biggest draws to Bugaboo strollers are how highly versatile they are. The Bee3 transforms from bassinet to stroller and gives you the freedom to choose colors for various components. Start with the stroller frame. Use it with the bassinet or the stroller seat. For the bassinet, select your preferred color for the bassinet wall and apron, as well as the canopy. For the stroller, choose your seat color and whether to face your child forward or backward. Then, transfer the canopy from your bassinet or decide to get a completely different color. The ability to easily remove and switch out components makes this stroller a great choice for growing families, as you can completely refresh the look with baby number two. With sixty-four color combinations, it’s like walking into a candy store. You’ll love picking out a color combo that’s just right for you. Also, with so many removable components, the Bugaboo Bee3 is easy to clean, especially since the bassinet and seat fabrics are machine washable.

The bassinet is the perfect way to take your newborn out and about. A contained unit that slides into the wheeled base, the bassinet provides a comfortable and secure environment. The bassinet wall surrounds on all sides, and a cover zips over the top, leaving about a third of the ceiling open. Combine with the Bee3’s generously sized canopy, and you get full protection. With such great coverage, you don’t have to worry about over exposure to wind, noise, cold or well-meaning strangers who can’t help but get close to a cute, new baby. When home, simply disengage the bassinet to set it on the floor for an easy transition that baby will barely notice. Extremely light, this bassinet is easy on mom and dad, making it simple to move baby about.

At 6 months (or as soon as baby can sit up or roll over), put the bassinet away and switch it out for the stroller seat. A grow-with-me design in itself, the seat can be extended over time, providing a taller seat back and height-adjustable five-point harness as well as a longer seat base. Easy to do, we regularly adjust the seat between our baby and our 3 year old. The seat can be positioned to either face you or face forward and easily reclines via a lever on the back of the seat. The same sun canopy and rain shield that worked for the bassinet work for the stroller seat, and the canopy in its unzipped, fully extended position stretches so far out that it almost fully covers my 3 year old. Seeing her with only her feet sticking out elicits smiles not only from her adoring parents, but also from amused passers-by as we go down the street. In addition, my daughter loves the full canopy state for the added privacy and especially appreciates the calmer environment when she’s tired.

The Bee3 navigates extremely well, and I have no problem steering with one hand and around tight paths. The handle can be lengthened to accommodate both my taller husband and myself. Foam-filled rubber tires with four-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride over most terrain and can be locked to help overcome bumpier roads. Other benefits are a single, one-tap brake in the center of the rear axle and a wrist strap for extra security – a nice reassurance, especially when traversing steep hills.

One of the biggest adjustments for a new parent is dealing with the amount of baby-related supplies that must accompany each trip out the house. A large, easily accessible, under-carriage basket comes in handy especially in those early days when you’re loaded down with baby items. As baby gets older and the supplies decrease, the extra storage is fantastic for stowing groceries or toys.

The Bee3’s convenience extends to its easy storage and portability. Folding the stroller is simple and can be done from a standing position. Just unlock from the sides of the handle bar and push down to collapse. Slim and light, the Bee3 can be carried by the handle or frame. It has no problem fitting in any trunk and tucks away nicely when at home. Just note that the Bee3 does not stand in its folded state, so you’ll need space to lay it down.

A favorite in our house, the Bugaboo Bee3 accommodates children from birth to 3 years and up to 37.5 pounds. Find out more about it and the entire family of Bugaboo strollers at www.bugaboo.com.

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