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When it comes to compact and lightweight, my go-to brand is Combi. Originating in Japan, Combi designs with space-constraint and travel concerns top of mind. Their F2 Stroller is a recent addition to their line, and it does not disappoint when it comes to delivering high performance in an ultra streamlined form, which is ideal for those of us who don’t want a large stroller parked in our homes or who like to get out and about with little bulk.

Great for public transportation and travel, the F2 Stroller weighs only 8.6 pounds, which is quite noticeably lighter than most strollers, especially for longer walks and those that take you up hills. It’s also convenient if you need to carry your stroller much, whether up and down your front stairs or in and out of vehicles. In addition, the F2 is a good option for grandparents looking for a lightweight option.

The Combi F2 conveniently opens and folds with one hand. Since I’m usually holding onto my child with my other hand, this feature is high on my list for strollers. Simply slide the lock over with your thumb and pull up on the release lever with your index finger. As the stroller starts to unfold, put your foot on the rear axle and give the back of the stroller a gentle nudge forward with your knee to fully deploy it. A reassuring click lets you know the stroller is ready to go. Folding up the stroller is just as easy. Unlock and release as before and then with foot on back axle, pull the handle towards you and then down. It its folded state, the F2 measures 19” W x 11.5” D x 33.5” H. Note that this doesn’t get you down to the size of a traditional umbrella stroller. The benefit, however, is that the F2 remains standing in its folded state, making it easy to leave in a small entry way, where it’s out of the way but ready to go whenever you need it. The self-standing fold also comes in handy when leaving your stroller in the jet way before boarding a plane or as you stand waiting for public transportation.

The F2 has a mesh seat, which allows for excellent breathability, making this a great stroller for warmer weather. The seat does recline, but note that it doesn’t go into a full recline, so you’ll want to save this stroller for when your child can sit up on her own – generally at about 6 months. With a five-point harness that can easily convert to three and two slots for adjusting the height of the shoulder straps, this stroller will grow with your child and accommodate her up to 40 pounds. With this range, I can use the F2 for both my 1.5-year old toddler and my 4-year old preschooler. The seat is a bit shallower than most at 6 inches, but it seems perfectly comfortable, even for my 4-year old.

Other great features of the Combi F2 Stroller include a shock absorbing frame and lockable front swivel wheels, making this stroller more comfortable and manageable than most lightweight strollers when it comes to uneven terrain. When unlocked, the front wheels have great maneuverability and that, combined with a soft, foam handlebar, make this stroller a pleasure to push. The back wheels need to be locked independently, but both locking and unlocking are simple with a rocker lock that is shoe-friendly. No scuffing your shoe trying to unlock the wheels from underneath!

The F2 has a nicely designed canopy, which curves downward in order to shield your child from sun and wind. This canopy meets with gleeful squeals from our two children who love that the canopy also acts as a privacy shield for them.

One thing to note is that the storage basket isn’t huge on the F2, so it’s better suited for trips where you don’t it to need to lug a lot of extra belongings. It’s well sized for a small jacket, your diaper changing essentials or a few items you pick up at the store.

The F2 stroller comes in stylish black with five choices of color accents, which grace the frame and the wheels. Chose from red, white, blue, pink and yellow. The Combi F2 is available for $199. Learn more at

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