Doona:The All in One Car Seat-Stroller


The Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller—an all in one product for parents looking for convenient traveling. This rear facing infant car seat/stroller combo is perfect for either the parent on the go or the parent with multiple children (and let’s face it—most parents fall into either one or both of these categories). The conversion of car seat to stroller is quick and efficient; with 2 presses of a button, you can be out of your car with baby and off to your next destination.

At first glance, what jumped out to me are the Doona’s sleek, futuristic characteristics. It is rare that I don’t get a second glance from people while walking down the street. Its ‘typical’ stroller features include: 4 wheels, handle bar (which can extend depending on the height of the adult pushing), and shade canopy (which also can be extended for cover). The seat/stroller is very sturdy and solid, yet, also has soft & plush inserts for cozy riding. One of the “extra” paddings included in the seat, is located on the bottom buckle, which prevents pinched legs while securing baby in. Many of the inserts can be removed as baby grows. Some ‘atypical’ features of the seat/stroller include: no undercarriage storage or cup holder storage; the seat also sits quite a bit lower to the ground due to its dual purpose nature. The stroller provides a smooth ride and an efficient turning radius.

As a parent, we all know how many “things” we have to bring/carry to ensure we’ve got all our bases covered. One of my favorite things about the Doona Seat, is it doesn’t require me to “hold” anything. When dropping my infant and 2 ½ year old son off at daycare, pushing the stroller means there is one less thing that I have to carry. I also, so appreciate how efficient and quick the seat is to put in and take out of the car (which means my toddler is waiting less to be taken out as well). In comparing products, prior to using the Doona, I used the Click and Connect Graco Car Seat and Stroller combo. Although, this product eliminated the untimely transfer of infant from seat to stroller, it still wasn’t as effective as the Doona, as I was still required to pull out the stroller, in order to connect the car seat. I not only love the convenience this seat provides, but also appreciate how much my daughter enjoys riding in it.

Due to the nature of the 2 in 1 product and the solid features it provides, it can be cumbersome at times. For instance, when carrying the car seat from the house into the car it is extremely heavy. Also, lifting the seat into the base can be awkward depending on how far back the front seat is. Moreover, I haven’t found a way to easily fold the legs/wheels down without completely setting the seat to the ground while converting it from stroller to seat; this once again, makes for heavy and awkward lifting. Lastly, although, Doona provides purchasing options for accessories, there are stroller features (such as the bottom storage carriage) that I missed having.

The Doona Seat/Stroller is a definite luxury product. From the materials used to the thoughtful conversion process, to its user friendly approach, it’s clear how well-made this seat/stroller is. As a parent, I am always looking to purchase items which not only make my life easier, but are also safe and reliable; this product fulfills both.

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