Joovy TooFold Stroller – a convertible sit-and-stand


The Joovy TooFold Stroller is my new favorite stroller with a creative mechanical design that makes it extremely versatile.  This innovative stroller starts as a single stroller and expands its wheelbase to reveal a ride-on board for accommodating a second child. It comfortably holds both children when in use, but also quickly folds up compactly to a standing position – a huge benefit for storing at home, as well as for situations where you just want to get the stroller out of the way (think restaurants).

Billed as an all-terrain stroller, the TooFold has air-filled tires, front-wheel suspension and lockable front wheels that can handle rockier roads as well as bumpy sidewalks with ease.  In its single child state, you’d never guess that the back expands to hold another passenger.  It steers well and provides a smooth ride.  A five-point harness can hold children as young as 3 months.  Straps can be adjusted to grow with your child, and the seat has ample space, which should support a child up to 55 pounds.  The seat reclines – not fully flat, but to a comfortable position to accommodate a napping child. The fold-out sun shade is a pretty standard size but can be supplemented with an included canopy extension that you Velcro to the frame.  This isn’t quite as ideal as having a larger shade to start with, but it is nice that the additional shade is included.  Another thoughtful touch is a pump to ensure your tires are always at full capacity.

While it can be a little tricky to transform from 1- to 2-child mode at first, it only took a couple attempts before expanding and contracting the stroller became quick and easy.  To accommodate a second child, just put on the brake and push forward with the handles.  The wheelbase lengthens and gives you room to fold down the standing platform for your second child.  Given that the second child only has a standing option and will need to hold on, this stroller is most ideal if your second child is 2-1/2 or older.  Also, note that the weight limit for the stand-on is 45 pounds.  Our 3-1/2 year old loves standing in the space between her younger brother and her momma, and I feel like she’s we’ll protected in the area directly in front of me and between my arms.  Should you want to provide a seat for your second child, a compatible seat is available with additional purchase.  While in the 2-child mode, the TooFold continues to be extremely easy to push and maneuver, making it a big winner in the double stroller category.

This stroller has been great for accommodating both myself, who’s on the shorter side, and my husband who’s of average height, and it seems more than capable of providing a comfortable option for those who are taller.  The handles are highly adjustable with quick release locks that let you rotate the handles up and down.  In addition, the handles can swivel to give you a variety of hold positions.  My husband and I have our favorites and alternate between the two regularly.

The stroller has adequate storage space both undercarriage, as well as with cup holders and a zippered pouch sewn into the sides of the canopy.  For even more storage, the stroller comes with a large shopping bag that can be attached to the back of the stroller.  Note that you won’t be able to accommodate a second child with the bag in place, so this may be something you save for when your older child no longer needs to ride.

Like the other products in their line, the Joovy Too Fold comes in bright bold colors, which are fun and classic – a great addition to any home.  Retails for $799.  For more info check out

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