Review: Babyhome Emotion Stroller


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MSRP $299 3 MONTHS TO 55 LBS (from birth when paired with an infant car seat)


Based in Spain, Babyhome is a recent arrival to the U.S. With a lightweight aluminum frame, this stroller weighs in at a mere 15 pounds, while providing a comfortable ride and large undercarriage storage. Both seat and footrest are adjustable to accommodate a range of heights, and this stroller comes with a mosquito net and rain shield—no separate purchase needed!

The Emotion is stylish with elegant curved lines. A narrow footprint, excellent maneuverability and easy one-handed push make it convenient for navigating crowds, aisles and doorways. The wheels, recognizable by today’s moms as similar to what they had on their high performance Rollerblades, stay close to the body of the stroller and are an indicator of how smooth a ride the Emotion will provide. The best part of the Emotion is how flat and upright it stands when folded. By adjusting the front wheels to be perpendicular to the rear wheels, the stroller can be easily stowed in the folded state.

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