Review: BOB Revolution SE Stroller


BOB Revolution SE

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MSRP $449

8 WEEKS TO 70 LBS (from birth with an infant car seat)


With shocks, a front fork and a quick release wheel, the Revolution SE was built for performance. However, don’t be intimidated. You can adjust the settings on this stroller with ease. A sliding knob at the rear of the stroller lets you quickly adjust the shocks, and a tracking knob above the front wheel lets you tune the alignment.

This stroller has plentiful storage with an undercarriage basket, a large seatback pocket and internal mesh pockets. The canopy provides ample coverage and includes a peek-a-boo window. The roomy, well-padded seat and infinite recline options that go all the way to a full recline provide optimal comfort. Collapse the stroller with a two-step process and secure it with the stroller’s wrist strap.

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