Review: Joovy Groove Stroller


Joovy Groove stroller

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MSRP $199.99


For an umbrella stroller, the Groove is sturdy while remaining easy to fold and deploy. The seat appears to be wider than most umbrellas, providing plenty of wiggle room and a generous degree of recline, while the leg support can extend outward or fold down to accommodate a growing child.

The Groove sits on four larger-than-average wheels for a stroller of its size, which provides greater stability and a smoother ride. The handles are nicely padded for a comfortable grip and make it easy to steer this highly maneuverable stroller. Storage abounds with the undercarriage basket supplemented by mesh pouches on the back of the generous canopy. When folded, the Groove is easily transported thanks to a conveniently placed handle attached to its lightweight frame. It comes in a variety of bright, fun colors, as well as a classic black, so you’re sure to find a Groove that fits not only your functional needs, but also your aesthetic fancy.

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