Review: Mutsy Evo Stroller


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MSRP $399 (optional bassinet for $189 more) BIRTH TO 33 LBS (with bassinet), 3 MONTHS TO 55 LBS (with stroller seat)


The Evo, from Dutch brand Mutsy, is the Cadillac of strollers. While not terribly small and certainly not the lightest, it delivers on performance with the smoothest ride of the strollers tested. Large rear wheels, a sophisticated suspension system and ball bearings on all wheels make transporting your child nearly effortless. Honestly, there is so little friction that you hardly feel like you’re pushing anything at all. The manual does suggest that you regularly clean and lubricate the wheels to keep them running smoothly, so expect a little bit of maintenance if you want to extend the luxurious ride.

The Evo can be combined with a bassinet, car seat or stroller seat to accommodate a range of ages. Each can be positioned in either front or rear-facing directions. The stroller seat reclines to four positions, including completely flat. The leatherette handle adjusts to four height levels. At mid level, it swivels out to put you somewhat far from the seat, but again, footprint is not the selling point of this stroller. It’s all about comfort. The stroller comes with an extendable hood with mesh panel and flip-down sunshade, as well as a removable bumper bar.

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