Review: Orbit Baby Stroller Stroller System G2


[amazon asin=B00328LR22&text=Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2 and Stroller G2]

MSRP $940 (Travel System G2), $780 (Stroller G2)

TRAVEL SYSTEM: BIRTH TO 30 LBS; STROLLER G2: BIRTH TO 40 LBS. WEIGHS 16 LBS (stroller frame), 10 LBS (infant car seat)

Orbit Baby’s Stroller Travel System G2 is a modular system that consists of a stroller base and an infant car seat. You can later transition to a stroller seat or opt for the Stroller G2 package that skips the car seat and moves straight to the stroller seat/stroller base combination. The stroller base accepts either seat without needing additional adapters, and the large circular target eliminates any awkward navigating to lock the seat into place. Once engaged, the seat can rotate 360 degrees or recline to a fully horizontal position. The rotation allows you to switch from forward facing to rear facing with little effort and even provides a sideways position, which is great for pulling your child right up to the dining table.

Both seats come with a generous canopy, and the car seat includes a UV sunshade that stretches to fully cover your child and cocoon him in the incredibly plush seat. The certified green eco-fabrics are machine washable. The unique below-carriage cargo pod is removable—convenient for packing the day’s necessities and keeping valuables close to you. The footrest extends downward to accommodate a growing child, and stroller handles extend upward to accommodate parents of different heights. The stroller suspension supports a smooth ride atop all-terrain wheels. With the seat removed, the frame folds down compactly with a single-handed twist of a bar and can be easily towed.

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