Review: Quicksmart Backpack Stroller


MSRP $219.99


The Backpack Stroller consistently draws compliments, as the lightest and most compact stroller most parents have ever seen. Ideal for travel, it folds into such a small package that it fits in a backpack (included) and easily stows in an airplane’s overhead compartment. To achieve such miracles in weight and space, the stroller has some tradeoffs, sacrificing storage space and seat recline. Sitting relatively upright, the Backpack Stroller is only appropriate for children over six months and is less ideal for napping. The seat sits lower to the ground and is a bit cozier than most, providing a cocoon-like feel that many children enjoy. Very lightweight and sitting on three small wheels, the Backpack Strollerfeels less stable than others and accommodates a max weight of 45 pounds. On the flip side, such features make this stroller very easy to maneuver.

Quicksmart backpack stroller

Folding is a four-step process that gets easier with practice. It’s quite a remarkable design and engineering feat that Quicksmart has reduced a stroller into such a compact package while keeping the most important functionality.

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