Urbini Hummingbird Lightweight Stroller


In a world of big, fancy, multi-featured strollers, I’m always still on the lookout for the perfect, simple umbrella stroller that I can conveniently take with me wherever I go. Urbini offers a great candidate with their Hummingbird Lightweight Stroller.

Weighing less than 7 pounds (lighter than many newborns!), the Hummingbird still manages to pack in all the comfort and utility of much larger strollers.  It has a roomy, padded seat that holds kids up to 50 pounds – enough to last you until your little one is happy to walk on her own.  Keep smaller children strapped in with a 5-point harness that easily converts to 3-point, as baby gets older.

Besides being lightweight, the Hummingbird has a number of other features that are very parent friendly. The stroller’s front bar unhooks and swivels to make it easy to take children in and out. A roomy undercarriage basket is easily accessible and provides enough space to stuff clothing, snacks and even a small diaper bag. Best of all, the Hummingbird can be closed with one hand.  All you have to do is slide the lock over, press a button and push down on the stroller to collapse it.  It’s so fast and easy, that it’s the ideal stroller for taking on public transportation or for carrying your child down the jetway before boarding a plane.  Another benefit is that during folding, the stroller remains in a standing position, which is a huge plus if you’ve ever wrestled with folding a stroller, trying to keep the fabric surfaces from rubbing against an oil-slicked, wet or dusty parking lot. It’s also just a lot more elegant and helps with storage both at home and at restaurants.

Other nice touches include a padded handle and four fun colors – lime, raspberry, peacock and black.  Also, front wheels can be locked to help get over rougher terrain.  You won’t get all of the bells and whistles of fancier strollers like cupholders or extra storage pouches, but the Hummingbird packs in everything you truly need for everyday strolling while keeping the weight and bulk minimal.

The Urbini Hummingbird Lightweight Stroller is available for $99.99 at Walmart.  Learn more about the Hummingbird and Urbini’s full line of strollers at www.urbinibaby.com.

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