B kids – Stack ‘n Roll Little Golf

The Stack ‘n Roll Little Golf by B kids is a great toy for so many reasons. It encourages my 11 ½ month old girl to use her motor skills, cognitive skills, and best of all, her creativity. I am the kind of mom who wants my child to learn while she is having fun playing, as I am sure most moms do, and it is very rewarding watching her develop right in front of my eyes by finding new ways to play with this toy and its various parts.
This toy comes with two golf balls (one makes noise when shaken and the other is silent), a mini golf club big enough to hit the balls easily yet small enough to hold with little hands and three additional pieces that can be creatively configured to make a mini golf course. The course pieces are also stackable so they fit together nicely to make a mini tower for the ball to drop down. All of the parts are really lightweight which makes them easy for my daughter to hold and move around so she can play with or without my help. This toy is recommended for ages 12 months and up but my 11 ½ month old has already begun to enjoy it. I can see how this little golf game may be more fun for a child who can stand on their own and swing the golf club but she has found so many ways to play with this toy while sitting on the floor. She enjoys rolling the balls down the mini golf ramp, stacking the pieces on top of each other, placing the balls into each of the two animal cups, putting her hands and arms through the cups and wearing them like bracelets (perhaps not what was intended by the company), swinging the golf club, shaking the balls, knocking the balls together, and even just admiring the fun shapes and colors on this toy. I know that eventually she will understand how to swing the club and hit the ball down the mini course she sets up and that is one of the reasons why I like this toy so much. Each day she learns a little more by playing with it. It is so much fun for me as a mom to see her learning curve and her creativity. This game allows her to develop her motor skills and thinking skills as she finds new ways each day to play with it.
In my opinion, it is better to have just a few toys that give my child the entertainment, skills and learning experience she needs than a whole slew of toys that can barely hold her interest. The Stack ‘n Roll Little Golf is one of those toys that fulfills many needs not just one. I am so glad we have this toy as is my little girl and I know she will continue to play with it for a while. I am also glad I gave it to her at this early age so she can continue to play with it as she grows. This toy will be like a whole new game for her when she can stand on her own and hit the golf ball with the club. This is exactly the kind of toy I look for.

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