Kleynimals-Clean Animal Toy Keys


Parents are constantly in search of toys to occupy their little ones, even if that means taking something safe from around the house to keep them occupied. I love the idea of taking common, everyday items that babies often take interest in and replicating them as toys that are actually meant for babies! Kleynimals capitalized on this very idea and invented an adorable product; toy keys that are meant to be chewed, drooled on and played with.

Kleynimals are stainless steel toy keys that have delightful animal prints on them. The keys are very solid; they feel and look well-made. The Kleynimals resemble adult keys in that they have a ring in which 3 stainless steel animal prints hang from. They also make a delightful “clanking” sound when shaken.

One of my favorite things about the kleynimals is they satisfy my baby’s need to put things in her mouth all the while eliminating the germs and crud she gets when she uses my own keys. Moreover, I appreciate that I can easily wash these keys by putting them in the dishwasher. I also adore the look of the keys—so often, baby toys are made out of plastic. The stainless steel give the toy a more fresh & organic look; AND it’s a truer replication as opposed to the plastic baby keys that have been around for centuries. Lastly, as a consumer, I appreciate that Kleynimals gives back to nonprofit charities for every purchase made; everyone loves a company that donates to organizations that need it most.

The only (very small) downside of the Kleynimals is the weight of them. Since they are made out of such a high quality material they can be a little heavy for little ones to lift, especially for long periods of time. My daughter began playing with them at about 6 months and I have noticed as she gets older, she has taken more interest in them because she can hold them up to her mouth for longer.

Kleynimals have been my go-to baby toy when I pack my baby’s diaper bag. I love their durability and the look. They’re a fun baby toy that can be used in the car and on the go, or just playing on the floor at home with your little one. The adorable animal prints on the keys combined with the fun sound the keys make when they’re shook, make for an amusing toy any baby would be attracted to.

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