Lamaze Toots the Toucan


My son loves the bright colors of this stuffed toucan toy. The size is big enough to grab his attention. The toy squeaks when you squeeze his beak (not too loudly either). At 3 months old, my son has discovered his hands and enjoys grabbing on to things. I like that the toucan is made up of a number of different fabrics with different textures and that the wings have a crinkle sound that they make. I’ve hung this toy from his activity mat, our infant car seat and placed it on the mobile hanging from our pack n’ play. It captures my son’s attention and seems to delight him. I’m sure in a few months when he begins teething that the bead ring will also come in handy as something for him to chew on. I am such a fan of Lamaze products and toys. They are always top quality.

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