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The Easy Turn Coupe from Step2 has been a favorite at our house since the moment it arrived.  Our daughter was so excited to have her very own ”beep beep” and was scrambling to get in before we even had it assembled.    Because assembly can take a while and involves some small pieces, I do advise assembling the car when your child is not around.  It’s a bit of a project, but definitely easier if you don’t have a little one constantly trying to climb in.

For the younger set, the Easy Turn Coupe is a great stroller alternative should your little one decide to go on a stroller strike (ours did and how I wish I had the Easy Turn Coupe then!).  Rather than having to carry your child everywhere, the Coupe gives you an easy way to push your child around the neighborhood.  A floorboard screws into the bottom of the car to keep feet from dragging, while a built-in handle in the transparent roof gives you a convenient place to grip the car while being able to look in and keep an eye on your child.  The car even has a cup/snack holder in the dashboard for your child and two cup holders in back for mom and dad.  When not holding cups, our daughter loves these slots for giving her toys a ride.  She also has room beside her on the seat for a doll or stuffed animal.

When your child is older and wants to drive her car by herself, you can remove the floorboard and let her push herself around Flintstone style.  She’ll love the real-car features like the key that turns in the ignition, a rotating steering wheel and a horn.  On the exterior, she can look under the hood and open and close the gas cap.  Our little girl also appreciated the stickers that can be applied to the car, giving it a face with headlight eyes and a smile stretching across the front bumper.

Whether you’re pushing the car or your child is steering, the Easy Turn Coupe lives up to its name.  A swivel wheel in front makes this car highly maneuverable, and the narrow design allows it to get through doors easily.  This is great for getting around inside the house where there may be less space, as well as for traversing paths in the backyard or around the neighborhood.  With a tall roof and open design there’s plenty of room, and a working door that swings open and closed enables your child to get in and out by herself without trouble.

One thing to note is that this car is intended for kids aged 1-1/2 and up as there are no safety belts in the car and would not be appropriate for children who could not sit up by themselves.  However, once old enough, your child is sure to get plenty of use and enjoyment out of the Easy Turn Coupe.  Available for $59.99 at or

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