Actress KaDee Strickland prepares for a special delivery – her baby bump!


Actress KaDee Strickland may appear on the hit show “Private Practice,” but when it comes to her special delivery later this fall, there are sure to be plenty of surprises in store!

Strickland and her husband, former “Roswell” star Jason Behr, 39, are currently getting ready for baby number one, who will arrive during the autumn season.

Behr – who currently stars on “Breakout Kings” – and Strickland, 37, were married in 2006 after appearing together in the spooky 2004 thriller “The Grudge.” The couple exchanged their vows in scenic Ojai, Calif.

Art really imitates life for Strickland, whose character on “Private Practice” recently gave birth to triplets on the show.

While there’s no telling how many babies Strickland will deliver this fall – chances are, just the one! – she’s sure to have plenty of confidence when it comes to handling her scenes on screen now that she’s about to be a mama.

In addition to “The Grudge,” Strickland has appeared on screen in “The Stepford Wives,” “American Gangster,” “Girl, Interrupted” and “Something’s Gotta Give.”

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