Alicia Keys says son has a ‘Gerber baby giggle’


For Alicia Keys, motherhood is a joke – and her 8-month-old son is laughing!

The new mom says her son Egypt Daoud, whose dad is Alicia’s husband Swizz Beats, finds just about everything funny – and his bright, big smile and adorable giggle are “perfect,” she adds. The youngster is constantly cracking a grin, even when his momma is telling grownup jokes.

“He loves to laugh! [He laughs] at everything. I’ll say a joke that’s totally a grown person’s joke and he’ll laugh. I’m like, ‘Ha! You get me,'” she tells People.

Of course, little Egypt still finds children’s humor a riot, too. Says Keys: “I do silly noises on his cheek and he’ll just crack up. A person making a silly face, me tickling him – he laughs at everything.”

Although the baby is Alicia’s first, Swizz Beats has three other children to whom the songstress is stepmother. We hope they all like laughing just as much as little Egypt – sounds like a blast!

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