Beverley Mitchell and her bump have a super sense of smell


Beverley Mitchell, the singer and actress best known for her role as Lucy on 7th Heaven, is expecting her first child with husband Michael Cameron. Before she confirmed the pregnancy through various tests, she suspected something was up when her sense of smell skyrocketed.

"My sense of smell was off the charts, to the point where I could smell a kid's dirty diaper from the other side of a restaurant," she told People magazine.

As soon as the bubbly actress figured out that her new nose might be the result of a pregnancy, she told the source that she took seven pregnancy tests at home and had two more at the doctor's, not believing the good news.

To celebrate, Beverley and her hubbie took a babymoon to Italy, where they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in Ravello, the town where they got married. Then they attended the wedding of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who is a close friend and former costar on 7th Heaven.

The new addition is due sometime in April, and before then, we may get to see some of Beverley's red carpet looks!

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