Fearne Cotton feels pressure to style baby bump


Every woman has a day or two (or a few weeks!) during a pregnancy when a sweatshirt and comfy jeans are much more attractive than the cute outfit that was carefully picked out the night before. Even Fearne Cotton, the Radio 1 DJ from England who's expecting her first child with boyfriend Jesse Wood, feels tempted by jeans and old T-shirts.

In a recent interview with Company magazine, the blonde babe revealed that she'd be walking around in less-than-perfect outfits if it weren't for the spotlight following her everywhere these days.

"I'd be lying if I said [being in the public eye doesn't affect what I wear]," she revealed. "There are definitely some days where I want to roll up in a pair of dirty jeans and an old jumper, but it's not worth the s**t I'd get."

Although she'd like to dress down more often, it's obvious she has an eye for style based on the ensembles she's been putting together recently. For example, photos posted on The Daily Mail's website show the DJ wearing a chic all-black outfit with leather leggings, a furry-collared cropped coat, studded heeled booties and dark sunglasses.

Next time you're feeling like throwing on a boring get-up, channel Fearne's style and go for something bolder!


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