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Photography by Samantha Berg

Styling by Micah Bishop

Pregnancy: How did you decide you were ready to have a baby?

Jan Levenson: I don’t think you should let your “biological clock” or society pressure you into having a baby. True, I’m not 20 anymore, and this one really has to count, if you know what I mean. To be a complete woman I need to feel what it’s like to carry, deliver, and raise a child. I’d like to be a complete woman one day.

What were the major factors you considered whenchoosing a sperm donor?
Anything that seemed at all like Michael [Scott] repelled me. I just wanted to turn over a new leaf, write my own life. So, intelligence was extremely high on the list. Basically, I wanted a donor who embodies my strengths. Also, someone who went to an Ivy League college and was on a rowing team or an equivalent team sport.

What foods have you craved most?
Fish, chocolate, and red peppers.

Have you had any food aversions?
Salmon, chicken, and milk shakes.

What is your birth plan?
I’m planning a water birth in the birthing room at the hospital. I saw a PBS special on it and I read Cindy Crawford’s book, and those really made my mind up. I’m going to look like Cindy Crawford in that tub. I want to be empowered and create a good person— a child who can swim through life easily with the ebbs and flows of time, love, and loss.

How do you feel about giving birth in general?
It’s disgusting and beautiful at the same time. But I want the pain! I want the intensity! I want to feel it all and not miss any opportunity to get to know myself better. I’m also completely against episiotomy! I just want to transform as my body does. I want to be all that I can be and try to push past the repulsion of my own self-image and learn once and for all to love myself. I’m also looking for a good photographer.

What has surprised you the most about being pregnant?
How nimble I am.

How have you stayed fit during the pregnancy? And how do you plan to get back into shape afterward?
Sex helps keep you in shape. I do yoga now and meditate everyday. I’m not sure I’m doing it right, but I plan on continuing this regime after the baby is born. I might throw in some spinning classes, too!

What kind of mother do you hope to be?
Sexy, loving, driven, savior, awesome, fun, spiritual.

What are your plans for breastfeeding? Will you use a pump?
I will be with the baby as much as possible, so I don’t have to pump. I’m not really working except making my Serenity By Jan candles from home.

Will you go back to work after the baby’s born?
I will always work in some capacity. Even watching Oprah in the afternoon is work, because I’m working on me and my work ethic is strong. I am, ultimately, a great boss and I’m sure I’ll be a great boss to my child.

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