Jennifer Aniston pregnant with triplets in new commercial


As a celebrity, it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to be the subject of rumors and gossip, and no one knows this better than actress Jennifer Aniston. The former Friends star is constantly on the celebrity gossip radar for rumors that, most of the time, aren’t even true.

Jennifer Aniston, pregnant with triplets? 

Refreshingly, Aniston, who’s no stranger to comedy films, has a great sense of humor about it. Recently, she was willing to poke fun at the fact that she’s constantly being talked about by the entire world while starring in a viral Smartwater commercial that highlighted the star’s biggest gossip concerns.

The commercial’s footage was designed to look like it came from security cameras installed in Aniston’s home, making it seem like everything that happened was definitely true. Ryan Seacrest even began the video with a fake (but expertly delivered) news report about how secret tapes were “leaked online by an unknown source.”

The first rumor to make an appearance was the star’s pregnancy. In the video, Aniston is shown in her kitchen taking off a band that disguised a huge baby bump, then says, “How are my little triplets doing? You must be so thirsty,” as she chugs a bottle of the brand’s water.

From there, the star goes on to make fun of the fact that she’s supposedly obsessed with fitness, getting a workout from four hot male trainers who lift her repeatedly in the air. Even Jimmy Kimmel makes an appearance as her strangely old son, who’s swimming in the backyard pool with his brother, who’s inexplicably an alien in an innertube.

At the end of the video, Aniston and her baby bump get ready for bed, taking off her perfectly coiffed ‘do and placing it on a cabinet next to several other wigs – yet another joke about how her hair is always a topic of discussion in the media.

Fittingly, it ends with Smartwater’s logo and the tagline “Even more refreshing than the truth.”


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