Lisa Loeb losing sleep while counting down the days until birth


Lisa Loeb, the 44-year-old musician, author and eyewear designer, is nearing the end of her pregnancy with her second child. According to her recent blog on People Magazine’s website, she’s been having trouble sleeping in between trips to the bathroom and planning for the arrival of her unborn baby.

“I’m thinking about what lies ahead: the addition of another little family member, the logistics of the nursery, [and] tying up loose ends with all the projects I’m currently working on,” she wrote on the site.

In the meantime, Loeb has been dressing her bump in chic fashions. For example, she showed up at the BMI Pop Awards wearing a black Ingrid & Isabel dress with a deep V-neck. Of course, she’s also been donning her signature eyeglasses, switching up the frames on a regular basis.

The singer told that her and husband Roey Hershkovitz know the sex of the baby and have been throwing a few names around, but they’re not ready to share any additional tidbits until the delivery in June!

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