Lisa Loeb shares her pregnancy tips and advice for moms-to-be


Lisa Loeb, the 44-year-old singer, author and eyewear designer, is currently looking forward to delivering her second child later this month. With a 2-year-old daughter named Lyla Rose eagerly anticipating life as a big sister, Lisa and her husband, Roey Hershkovitz, have had a lot on their plates during this second pregnancy. Luckily, she took the time to speak with Pregnancy Magazine for an exclusive interview and answer a few questions about life as a celebrity who’s getting ready for baby. Here’s what she had to say about her cravings, books and work-life balance!

Congratulations on your second pregnancy! Has this one differed in any way from your last?

Thank you! I think I was nauseous for more months with this pregnancy, but like the last, I’ve done a pretty good job in eating away those feelings! It’s so counterintuitive, but eating helps ease the nausea. With my last pregnancy, I was eating a lot of cold apples, cucumbers, cheese and pretzels, but this time anything helped! I’ve experimented with lots of foods – from pizza to Thai food. That being said, I had an aversion to sweets at the beginning of this pregnancy that I didn’t have with my first.

Is your daughter excited for the new baby? How have you prepared her?

Our daughter is excited to be a big sister – we talk about it a lot. We introduced her to the idea by giving her the gift of a book that explains what being a big sister is all about. Other than talking about it and reading a number of books about it, we point out other big sisters that we know. Also, we’re doing a little remodeling to accommodate the baby, so watching the progress has made us all very excited.

We love your children’s book, “Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs.” Why did you decide to foray into a writing career?

The book is based [on] the lyrics to original and traditional sing-a-long songs with additional commentary, activities and recipes. I’ve always been a big reader and wanted to make a book that parents and kids could read and interact with together. Although I loved reading stories growing up, I also loved these kinds of activity and song books. This is old-school, pre-computer age fun.

What’s the next book about?

The next book focuses on songs that will make kids move! Like the first, I hope to spark the imaginations of everyone reading along, but it will also get kids doing all of the fun actions associated with the songs. Both books were inspired by my time in summer camp, which was when I realized how much fun music could be. I collaborated on the songwriting with Michelle Lewis and Dan Petty and the illustrations are done by Ryan O’Rourke.

What advice would you give to moms-to-be out there looking to balance a career and family life?

It’s a constant process figuring out how to find balance. For me, my family is my priority, but it’s important for me to stay healthy and do a certain amount of work to help provide for the family…and to also feel like a human. Having a loving, supportive husband and also creating a team with a great nanny, grandparents and friends also helps. It’s important to always re-evaluate and try to do my best.

We’re wishing Lisa a happy and healthy delivery, and we can’t wait to find out more about her new bundle of joy in the near future!


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