Rachael Leigh Cook expecting first baby bump


More than a decade ago, she was all that, but now she's all baby bump!

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook, best known for her role in the 1999 hit teen comedy "She's All That," is currently expecting her first child with her husband, actor Daniel Gillies.

Cook, 33, has since appeared in "Perception." She and Gillies, who is the star of the CW series "The Vampire Diaries," have been married since 2004 and have yet to reveal the gender of their baby or Cook's due date.

"I've been hiding my rapidly growing bump while shooting but this kiddo is vying for screen time," Cook told Us Weekly magazine. "We clearly have a future actor on our hands."

And this won't be the only baby that Cook and Gillies will nurse together – the couple's pet project, "Broken Kingdom," premiered on May 15 on Showtime. Gillies directed and produced the film, while Cook starred in it.

In addition, their household will be pretty busy come fall. Gillies is set to star in his own spin-off on the CW in the fall, titled "The Originals." With all these great developments and the pregnancy, Gillies and Cook certainly have plenty of excitement in store for the next year!

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