Taylor Dayne on motherhood and music


Taylor Dayne is a singer-songwriter and actress who’s had multiple individual hit songs make it into the Top 20, including Love Will Lead You Back and Tell It to My Heart. She’s sold more than 75 million albums and singles worldwide and had three Grammy nominations. And she’s not even close to done yet!

Dayne’s working on new music despite being the mother of two twins, Astaria and Levi, who were conceived via surrogate pregnancy. We managed to catch up with the busy star to ask her a few questions about how being a parent has affected her work.

How has motherhood changed your music recording experience? Do you bring the kids to the studio?

Motherhood is an amazing experience and a challenge to every woman. I swear I’m programmed to WANT to be perfect in all ways to them and I bear that cross with many women. With my children, I’m so glad every day allows a do-over. Some days I’m not patient enough, attentive or playful. I love my children at this age – they’re so bright, still childlike and so loving still… My kids have seen me many times in concert and a few times in the studio.

What motivated you to start working on a new record?

I’m always motivated to want to do new music. The challenge in the music industry today is how to reach the fans and produce music out there that people will hear.

What lessons has motherhood taught you?

Stop and smell the air. I teach my kids to listen in nature as they want me to listen to them. Just lying down with my daughter before bed is peaceful.

Parenting twins must be quite an adventure! Have any funny stories to share?

Well, they have their own language – I call it “Twin Love.” Sometimes we’re out together and I’m with a friend or my guy and we watch them, they’ll put their arms around each other and walk down the street. It just makes me laugh so hard, it’s just adorable and gorgeous.

How do you manage your busy schedule as a full-time mom and musician?

I just go… One thing for me, being a busy single parent from the get-go, and my kids also being carried via surrogate, I was very clear of my role in parenting. I juggle the hats in the house, but I have to be the law. I’m the provider and I go and work to provide for my family, until (and if) that dynamic changes, I still do, so I’ve always needed them to have 24-hour caretaking when I travel. So I’ve had a live-in nanny since they were born to make sure all their needs are taken care of.


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