Win : Rockin’ Green REMIXED soaps


Rockin GreenWin: Rockin’ Green REMIXED soaps

To celebrate Rockin’ Green’s new REMIXED soaps, newly-designed packaging and the introduction of a new scent – Earth, Wind & Orchids – we are hosting a giveaway for our readers and fans for a chance to win

1. One full-size remixed – Any scent in Hard, Classic or Soft Rock (winner’s choice)
2. One full-size of new scent in Hard, Classic or Soft Rock
3. Scoop
4. Dryer ball

2 Runner-up’s
One full-size Rockin’ Green REMIXED in scent and water type of their choice

Rockin’ Green’s REMIXES and new scent will be available June 16 with the new packaging rolling out in early July.

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