Quinoa Parmesan Chicken


Quinoa chicken with tomato sauce

Remember when I told you earlier this week that I’m kind of obsessed with quinoa right now thanks to Urban Remedy? I wasn’t kidding. Last night, I tried a Quinoa Parmesan Chicken recipe that the entire family gobbled up. Yes, my husband was hesitant at first because he still doesn’t understand why quinoa has to be pronounced that way (keen-wah).

“Is this some healthy-schmealthy dinner again? Why does the chicken parm look different?”

The kids on the other hand didn’t even question it. They just dug right in.

Fortunately, they all loved it! Cleaned their plates type of loved it.

Maybe my quinoa obsession will rub off on them?

Read the recipe at:  Quinoa Parmesan Chicken from Baby Gizmo 

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