We don’t review a lot of food products on Pregnancy, but one cannot deny that food is a big part of being pregnant. While my appetite increased with pregnancy, so did my attention to health.  So you can imagine my excitement over BISCOTTEA and BIS*COFFEE – shortbread that not only satisfies my cravings for the delectable but also comes as close to being “good” for me as a cookie possibly could.

BICOTTEA and BIS*COFFEE are tea and coffee-infused shortbread that are made to pair perfectly with your favorite caffeinated hot beverages.  These cookies do not disappoint with their distinct yet not overpowering flavor.  With each bite of BISCOTTEA, you get clear hints of teas like Earl Grey or Chai.  With BIS*COFFEE, you’ll be delighted with the sophisticated flavors of Cappucino, Mocha or Espresso.  My favorites are less traditional – the fruity Blueberry Tea and the refreshing Mint Tea.  Blueberry struck me as unique in an era of food that claims to have fruit flavor, only to contain an inferior, fruit-like flavoring.  With BISCOTTEA, the blueberry you taste is clearly the real thing!  The Mint BISCOTTEA has a cool mint taste that keeps this cookie from feeling heavy despite its buttery goodness.  Paired with tea, it lifts the spirits and is a great pick-me-up.

So, how can something this delicious be healthy you ask?  They’re not exactly low calorie, but BISCOTTEA and BIS*COFFEE have short, recognizable ingredient lists that champion natural, organic and fair trade ingredients.  They use real butter (that certainly adds to the appeal!), real sugar and actual coffee, spices and fruit juice.  Two of the shortbreads are even Gluten Free – the Chai Tea and the Blueberry Tea.  While the Gluten Free varieties were a little more dense and didn’t have the same crispness as those made with organic wheat flour, they were still really good – not at all what I expected from Gluten Free cookies.  Even without gluten intolerance, I would be happy eating these on a regular basis.

BISCOTTEA and BIS*COFFEE come packaged singly or in packs of two, which keeps them fresh for each sitting.  You can also purchase them in 5.6 oz, 28 oz or 33.6 oz sets as well as in a 24-piece assorted gift box.  While they are available mostly in specialty stores, you can easily find them online at

So, next time you need a little treat to carry you through the day, give BISCOTTEA or BIS*COFFEE a try.  You deserve it!

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