Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015



It’s almost that time of year again when moms are deservedly recognized, celebrated and pampered for all the love and support they heap on their families year round. Whether you’re pregnant with your first child or already juggling life with a little one, cheers to you! As partners and children scramble to find ways to express their appreciation, here are a few hints you can subtly send their way.

Paper Culture’s Personalized Stationery, Games and Wall Art 

PaperCulturePhotos of my children are always welcome gifts on Mother’s Day, and I love when there are creative ways to display them versus filing them away in albums. Paper Culture provides many great options, from wall art to coasters to games. The wall art comes in a variety of styles and sizes. The print quality on the fabric decals is fantastic, and the repositionable stickers are easy to apply on smooth wall surfaces. I’m also a fan of their Memory Game that lets you customize the cards and match your own photos. I made a set with family members that I love to play with my kids – a great way to relive favorite memories as you play. In addition to photo products, Paper Culture carries high quality personalizable stationery in an array of stylish designs – another great way to honor mom. As a finishing touch, Paper Culture plants a tree for every order, so on top of a really great personalized gift, your kids can dedicate a tree in your name!

Chewbeads Bleecker Teething Necklace ($34.50)

Bleecker-Punchy-Pink-o-2As a mom, I love the idea of functional jewelry! The Chewbeads Bleecker Teething Necklace is a colorful necklace with 100% silicone beads that are designed to safely comfort teething babies. Silicone is the same material used for pacifiers and bottle nipples, so you can rest assured that the beads are free of lead, chemicals, phthalates and BPA. The beads are firm with a rubbery texture that squishes just enough to provide a satisfying experience while being easy on sore gums. Moms can enjoy wearing this bright, fun and modern looking necklace available in blue, pink or black, without worrying about baby chewing on it – it’s safe for both your baby and your necklace. Win-win! The Chewbeads Bleecker Teething Necklace is also dishwasher safe for easy sanitizing.


Isabelle Grace Jewelry Circle of Love Necklace ($185)

nameCharm_smLooking for customized jewelry that celebrates your role as a mom? Isabelle Grace offers a great selection of timeless necklaces, bracelets and key chains that you can personalize. I especially love the Circle of Love necklace, a single, elegant silver hoop that accommodates up to 4 names separated by birthstones. My daughter enjoys this necklace as well, now that she can read her own name and point it out to others. While the Circle of Love Necklace combines all names on a single piece, many of the other options are modular, giving you the ability to add names as your family grows. With many designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one you adore. Just be sure to order quickly to get your jewelry in time for Mother’s Day, as each item is handmade upon order.

Basq Calming Lavender Oil ($18) & Oh! Baby Hospital Essentials Gift Set ($36)

ohbabykitHoping to feel pampered on Mother’s Day? Bring the spa home with basq’s line of luxury skin care products. Their Calming Lavender Oil combines lavender with almond oil to soothe and nourish your skin. Massage directly onto your body or add a few drops to your bath. The scent will relax you while the oils replenish your skin. To fully indulge, check out the Oh! Baby Hospital Essentials Gift Set. With handy travel sizes, this set is ideal for tossing into your hospital bag to bring comfort to the birthing experience. Already done with delivery? Not a problem. This gift set is also a great way to sample many basq favorites, including their Lavender Spa Mist for instant relaxation, Fragrance Free Mega Moisture Cream for soothing dry skin, Super Cooling Botanical Gel for easing aches and Lavender Calming Oil, which I’ve already mentioned I love. Paraben, phthalate and sulfate-free, basq products are safe for sensitive skin.

Coyuchi Verbena Robe ($88)

VerbenaRobeThe Verbena Robe gives you even more reason to relax at home for your special day. From Coyuchi, the company that first brought 100% organic cotton to the U.S., this robe is soft and lightweight, great for wearing directly against your skin or draped over your pjs. It’s made from 100% organic cotton jersey and available in the lovely shades of Deep Slate, Light Prussian and Natural. Inspired by yoga clothing, this robe looks and feels fantastic, with a comfortable and stylish fit that you won’t want to take off. No need to rush into the day. Sit back, throw your feet up and relax – it’s Mother’s Day!


Dear Babies, Crazy Life, Simply Explained by Amy Denby ($13.99)

DearBabiesAs a new or soon-to-be parent, there’s no doubt that you now have a small library of advice books telling you all the secrets of being the perfect parent. Looking for a lighter perspective on parenting that reassures you that you aren’t the only mom with questions, doubts and the occasional awkward moment? Former magazine editor Amy Denby captures delightful stories of her own twin pregnancy through a series of love letters to her yet-to-be-born babies. Honest and full of humor, Dear Babies is light reading filled with moments that are easy to relate to. It assures expectant moms that they’re not alone in their emotion-packed, sometimes crazy pregnancy, while providing a delightful reflection for those who’ve already been there. I loved how this book brought back wonderful memories of my own pregnancy and all the hopes and fears I had along the way. Written in a warm and endearing voice, Dear Babies is a fun, sweet, easy read, as well as a great break from the more serious side of parenting.


All-Clad B1 Hard Anodized Nonstick 11-Inch Flat Square Griddle ($49.99)

B1 11 Square Griddle_smIf cooking brings you joy, great cookware should only make you happier. The new line of hard anodized nonstick cookware from All-Clad includes a bonded, 3-layer PFOA-free, nonstick surface that’s also dishwasher safe. Maintaining the expected high quality of All-Clad, products in this line will maintain their shape and resist scratching, while being backed by a lifetime warranty. With a large, flat surface, the 11-inch Griddle is ideal for pancakes and eggs as well as crepes and omelets if you’re feeling extra fancy. Hint! Hint! Your partner may want to take this gift for a test run, scoring you breakfast in bed as an extra bonus. The new B1 line is currently available exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond.

EverydayHappy Monthly Subscription Service ($147 for a Diaper + Family Care Kit 1-month supply)

diaper-care-kitLooking for a gift that keeps giving and makes life more convenient? Created by moms and dads who understand the challenges of parenthood, the EverydayHappy Subscription Service delivers personal and baby goods right to your door. Save money and trips to the store by bundling items that range from diapers and wipes to shampoo, lotion and soap. Products are eco-friendly and free of toxins so you can rest assured you’re making responsible choices that benefit your family and the planet. And, because the products are gentle, they’re great for the entire family from the youngest to the oldest and are especially well suited for sensitive skin. So, not only do you benefit from products being delivered right to your front door, but you also enjoy the convenience of not having to stock separate baby shampoos and lotions. You deserve the good stuff, too!

Bugaboo Bag ($99.95)

BugabooBagAs a parent, I’ve come to accept that I constantly need to carry items for my kids. But, more recently, I’ve realized that this doesn’t mean that my bag has to be all about baby. Why not have a bag that is awesome for me and that just happens to also have a matching diaper changing station and insulated pockets? Aha! Enter the Bugaboo Bag. This awesome bag has 14 inside and outside pockets that can accommodate my iPad, wallet, phone, keys, magazines and, oh yeah, a baby bottle, diapers and wipes – all tastefully integrated and with easy access through multiple top, side and bottom zippered openings. I love that this bag also leaves room for expansion. Extend into the bottom compartment and unfold the top portion if you have something especially large to stuff into your bag. The Bugaboo Bag is made with your needs in mind, both as a busy lady and as a mom.

Toddy Gear: Tech Pack Boost+ ($24.99)

TechPack_Boost__ChevronGreen_group_hero_largeIf you’re as reliant on your digital devices as I am, you’ll find Toddy Gear’s Tech Pack Boost+ to be an essential product, ensuring that you never run out of battery at a critical moment. Compact and stylish with three different design choices, this 2200mAH portable charger is compatible with mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras, so you’re covered on many fronts. It comes with a matching microfiber pouch and a cleaning cloth to provide a complete package for keeping your devices in good condition. As often as my iPhone runs out of batteries, the Tech Pack Boost+ is repeatedly saving the day. This is a great product to carry around with you to make sure you never get caught unable to make an important call or capture an amazing photo.


Epson Perfection V39 Easy-to-Use Scanner ($99.99)

V39I’ve covered Epson scanners in past reviews, but what I love about the new V39 is that it’s so compact and convenient! So, if you’re a mom who enjoys digitally preserving photos and kid drawings but don’t have room for a full home office, this scanner was made for you. Not only is it small, but it also comes with its own kickstand, allowing it to be placed vertically on a crowded desktop. It scans at a high quality 4800 dpi optical resolution and begins immediately upon powering on – no need to patiently wait through any warm-up time, which is so key when you already have a million things to do. Easily send your images to email, turn them into PDFs, save them to the Cloud or share them over Facebook. Four buttons at the front of the V39 let you do what you need to do at the touch of a button. Also, great: the V39 can be powered straight from your computer’s USB port, so no extra cords running across your table to overcrowded power outlets. Plus, it’s easy to take with you should you need to scan on the go. With the new V39, there’s a lot to love!

Whether you celebrate with breakfast in bed, adorable homemade cards from your kids, extra hugs and kisses or one of the lovely gifts above, we hope you feel greatly appreciated for all that you do. Being a Mom can be challenging, heartwarming and exhilarating all at the same time. For the many superhero moms out there (including YOU) Happy Mother’s Day!

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