6 ways to treat a new mom right


If you’re the first among your friends to join the motherhood club, chances are, they don’t know squat about babies. What’s worse, they probably don’t know much about those first raw, emotional and painful days of being a mom. Help them out by sharing these tips for treating a new mom right. You’ll thank us once your baby arrives!


We know you’re eager to meet this adorable bundle of joy your pal has brought into the world, but we urge you to take a pause. Instead of rushing to the hospital, send your friend a text or leave a message with her partner letting her know you’re ready and willing to pop by whenever she says “Go.” Depending on what went down in the delivery room, your friend may be medicated and loopy, feeling overwhelmed and anxious – or just need some quiet time to adjust and take it all in. Let her let you know when she’s ready for visitors.

Forget the baby blankets

When meeting a new baby, it’s customary to bring a small gift, right? While swaddling blankets and adorable onesies are sweet and thoughtful, what will really have your friend’s heart swelling with gratitude is nothing you can put in a box. Tell her to indulge in a hot shower, go for a walk out in the sunshine or just lay down for a nap. You’ll be right there to cuddle and rock her little one, giving her the ultimate gift – an hour all to herself.

Don’t ring that doorbell!

From here on out, consider that doorbell to your friend’s home off limits. Call or text whenever you’re at the front door to rest assured you won’t wake a sleeping baby. There’s no better way to ensure your mom friends want to kill you than by interrupting sacred naptime so carelessly.

Bring food

Between the extra calories your pal is going to need for breastfeeding and how very little time she has for grocery shopping and cooking, you can pretty much count on food being scarce in her house. Be a savior and pick up her favorite takeout, or bring over a bag of fresh fruits and veggies. Better yet? Prepare her favorite home-cooked meal and drop it off on her doorstep. Leave her instructions for heating it up and, voila, you might just receive the best friend in the universe award.

Do the dishes

Don’t even ask her, just stealthily wash a few dishes and wipe down her counters before heading out for the day. Your friend likely won’t have the time or energy to do those things herself – but not living amidst a mess can do wonders for her state of mind.

Don’t exclude her

Just because your girlfriend has a baby in tow, doesn’t mean she can’t spend time with you. Don’t exclude her from your group’s plans – just change them up to accommodate her little one. Newborn babies are incredibly portable and there’s nothing more isolating and lonely for a new mom than feeling like she’s stuck at home. Instead of a night out on the town, invite your pal and her newborn out to brunch. Chances are, that little cherub will sleep right through the whole thing – chatter, clinking dishes and all.

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