Back to Work Essentials for New Moms



Mom’s Back to Work Essentials with zulily’s Maternity Expert, Robin Otto

Moms have a lot to think about when returning to work after having a baby. From catching up on missed months to getting home early enough to spend some quality time with the little ones, it can seem overwhelming. As zulily’s maternity expert, I seek out solutions including appropriate attire, helpful pumping products and more, to make the transition back to the office as easy as possible for mom.

Throughout my career in maternity, I’ve loved helping women express who they are while feeling comfortable in what they wear at this special time in their life. I like to recommend products and solutions that are useful for both baby and mom.

Going back to work can be a stressful time but follow this must-have list to feel fully prepared for your (second) full-time job.

Click to read Robin’s full list of the 10 Back to Work Essentials.

A fashionable breast pump bag

This fashionable  Juno Blue breast pump bag holds all your essentials without giving away the fact that it is a pump bag.

Hands-free pump bra  This useful bra offers the ability to go hands-free while pumping throughout the day, whether typing on your laptop or taking phone calls, without missing a beat.  $27

Breast milk storage  Products include both bags and bottles that are essential for storing and stockpiling. Remember, you can freeze and/or refrigerate your pumped breast milk. Always store it in clean bottles with screw caps, hard plastic cups that have tight caps, or nursing bags like these Medela bags.

Work Apparel
Remember that flats are a mom’s best friend, providing you comfort without sacrificing your look. Also be on the lookout out for wrinkle free and washer/dryer-friendly pieces to ensure the best look with the least effort.  We’re a bit prejudiced, but we think zulily has great daily deals on trendy, professional brands like Debbi O. Maternity, PinkBlush Maternity, Madeleine Maternity and Milky Way – all must haves for new working moms.
Labels/milk charms  Cute labels make it simple to label milk storage at work and at home.


Bottles  If your child is going to daycare, make sure to send enough bottles for each, plus one extra in case you’re stuck working late.For those staying with a nanny, Tommee Tippe bottles are a great choice, as they encourage your baby’s natural feeding.

Daycare bag 
Don’t forget all the essentials like diapers, change of clothes and milk storage. It’s also good to “pack a ‘love-y’ item that has mom’s scent on it so baby can cuddle with it during the day.

Juggling kids and work takes a lot of energy so it’s crucial to store protein-heavy foods at your desk to enjoy throughout the day. My favorites are granola bars, nuts or seeds and yogurt.

“Me” time 
Between breastfeeding, house work, your job, your kids and your significant other, you must leave some time for yourself, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Whether you sip a glass of wine, catch up on your favorite TV show or just sit in silence, it will serve as a reminder that you are also a person with needs.

Family Sentiments 
Show off your growing family with photos around your desk, or artwork/crafts if your kids are old enough. These can also serve as a reminder of what you have to look forward to after a long day at the office.


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