Supernanny Jo Frost’s Post-partum Checklist



Most people think of TV’s Supernanny for her skill in bringing unruly fourth-graders into line. But Jo Frost has actually spent much of her career taking care of babies, starting with some families as early as “the waters breaking,” she says in her English lilt.

Frost’s new book, Confident Baby Care, brings reassurance and a positive attitude to the topic of newborn care. “People are so eager to tell nightmare stories about the first four weeks. No sleep, no sex, so many ‘no’s,’?” Frost says. “It’s not that you’re not going to have your days, but you’re also going to have these moments where you go, ‘Wow!’?” Here’s Frost’s advice for taking care of yourself in baby’s early days:

Organize your family’s system for running errands, picking up other children, and doing the laundry. If you do too much yourself, you won’t heal properly.

People are excited to see baby, so they don’t always respect how hard it is to give birth. Turn on voice mail, set the ringer on low, and return calls when you want to. Don’t be afraid to tell friends and relatives when they can visit.

Eat well and get fresh air. It’s so important to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Online supermarket deliveries can be a lifesaver.

Focus on today. Let go of your expectations and trust your gut instincts about what to do. Many new moms focus on what’s two years down the road to displace their anxiety, but they miss so much of what’s happening now!

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