What every expectant father should know about new moms


The first days of motherhood can be rough sailing even for the most level-headed among us. Between sleepless nights and that whole figuring out how to survive with a baby thing, you don’t need a partner who doesn’t understand you. Make sure dad-to-be knows what’s in store and how he can support you best. Here’s what he needs to know about your journey into motherhood:

You won’t feel beautiful

Chances are, it will take a few months before you feel like yourself again. After all, your body took nine long months to grow a baby, so you’re going to have to have patience while it adjusts once again. Couple that with exhaustion and zero time for your normal beauty routine and it’s easy to see how you could feel down in the dumps about your appearance.

How to handle it now: Don’t wait until you’re in the thick of diaper changes and 2 a.m. feedings to tell your partner how you feel. Let him know now, while you’re still waiting on baby, that you might need a little confidence boost once your son or daughter arrives. Hearing that he thinks you’re beautiful even when you’re spotted with spit-up can give you what you need to get through the day.

You might be scared

There’s not a parent out there who didn’t wish their newborn came with an instruction manual. When your little one is inconsolable and you’ve tried every calming trick in the book, you may find yourself harried, panicked and wondering if you’re really cut out for this new gig.

How to handle it now: Chip away at that fear by making sure your partner has your back. Promise one another now that when baby comes, you’ll be there to offer your support – whether that means your guy gives you a baby break or he looks you in the eye and assures you you’re doing great.

You’ll ride an emotional roller coaster

Pregnancy hormones! Boy, do they send you on a ride of a lifetime. Labor, delivery and breastfeeding can all push your hormones into overdrive, having you laughing one minute and snapping the next.

How to handle it now: If he’s been around you throughout your pregnancy, your partner most likely knows your mood swings well. Let him know that in the early days of motherhood, you’re going to need his understanding, kindness and patience as your body adjusts to all it’s been through.

How are you and your partner hoping to ease your transition into new parenthood? Are you talking about what those first few weeks might be like? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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