When Doodie Calls

I know there will come a day when Julia, now 3, will be able to go to the bathroom entirely on her own, from start to finish, if you get my drift. Until then, her potty runs will continue to provide us some good laughs.

The other day, she jumps up from playing and says, “Daddy, I have togo to potty!”

“Great, Julia,” I say, “go ahead.”

She runs off to go. I yell to her, “Are you making a tinkle or a poopy?” and she yells back, “Just a tinkle.” Okay, I think, she can handle this herself. She does just fine with
cleaning herself after a tinkle.

Fast forward about 10 minutes. She is getting ready for bed and climbing on my back buck naked.

“Daddy, don’t smell my butt,” she says with a big laugh.
“Why Julia?”

“Cause I made poopies!”

“Julia!!! I thought you said you just went tinkle!”

Commence frantic rush back to the potty.

Note to self: Never believe a 3-year old.

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