Top 3 best movies about pregnancy

Hollywood has generated several movies about pregnancy, and some of the most memorable tend to fall into the comedy category. Child-bearing can be an emotional roller coaster at times, making it even more beneficial to kick back and take a lighthearted, jovial view of the process. Here are a few of the top portrayals of those special nine months.

The witty and strong-willed Juno won over moviegoers in 2007, when the film racked up three Oscar nominations, including a win for Best Original Screenplay. To the film’s advantage, the protagonist faces incredibly monumental milestones with a healthy sense of humor, avoiding the melodrama that could have so easily defined the story.

This modern classic is filled with punchy one-liners. When negotiating the terms of the adoption, Juno exclaims, “I mean, can’t we just, like, kick this old school? Like, I have the baby, put it in a basket and send it your way, like, Moses and the reeds?”

Look Who’s Talking
The title sequence of this charmer is one of the most memorable and recognizable cinematic scenes in recent history. The movie provides an inside perspective into the mind of the baby, who we first meet when he’s still inside the womb, preparing for birth. The moment Mikey is born, the audience hears him plead, “Put me back in! Put me back in!”

Father of the Bride 2
After giving his daughter away in marriage in the first installment of this series, George Banks (played by Steve Martin) has to prepare for the arrival of his first grandchild and another child of his own when mother and daughter are pregnant at the same time. Banks also has to manage the overwhelming moment when both his wife and daughter go into labor at the same time.

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