Top 3 best pregnant moms played in a movie

During a pregnancy, many moms-to-be have to handle new and sometimes intimidating challenges, from taking steps to ensure the health of their child to saving up money to cover expenses. Many believe that becoming a mother also signals the beginning of a new level of strength. Hollywood has produced several memorable characters who have stepped up to the plate while expecting without letting fear slow them down. Here are a few of the most memorable on-screen moms.

Sarah Connor – Being hunted down by a robot from the future is terrifying. Realizing that the baby you’re carrying is the key to the survival of the human race is even more overwhelming. Sarah Connor, the formidable heroine in Terminator, manages to outwit the machine who is terrorizing her and essentially ends up saving the world when she gives birth to her son, John.

Marge Gunderson – Thanks to Fargo, the Coen brothers redefined the potential uses of a woodcutter. In the midst of this dark film filled with several scenes of cruel brutality is Marge Gunderson, a refreshingly honest and good woman, who manages to hunt down the criminals while carrying an extra load of her own. When she discovers the horrific murders, she chastises the culprits, “There’s more to life than a little money, you know. Don’tcha know that?”

After putting the killers behind bars, the film closes with Norm Gunderson rubbing his wife’s belly, saying “Two more months.”

Arnold Schwarzenneger – Junior presents one of the most extraordinary portrayals of child bearing. In a surprising role, Schwarzenneger plays a scientist who becomes a pregnant father as part of an experimental fertility drug trial. The image of the former Mr. Universe with a baby bump is priceless in itself.

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