Kiddie Catch-All


Kiddie Catchall

For a recent road trip, I wanted to arm my preschooler with a variety of books, toys, snacks, etc.  I had heard of the Kiddie Catch-all, a mesh bag that attaches to the side of a car seat, and I thought I would give it a try.  The Kiddie Catch-All easily attaches/detaches to the side of her seat, so my daughter and I selected items to fill the mesh bag with small toys, her kitten lovey, several books, added a bottle of water and snacks and we were on our way!  Instead of having her things littered across the car floor, they were readily available to her throughout the car ride.  Being prepared with the Kiddie Catch-All decreased the number of times I had to take my seatbelt and crawl over the center console to get or look for something for her.  And since we’ve been back from our road trip, the backseat of our car remains a bit more organized, thanks to the Kiddie Catch-All providing a personal storage space for my daughter.  The nylon bag easily detaches from the plastic frame as well, and can be thrown in the laundry when necessary.  On a random side note, my daughter was also extremely excited that she had her own bug catcher net…

Junko Green, San Francisco

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